The Key to a Powerful Brand

Do you know your Why?

But do you really know your why?

Let me back up. Do you even know what a “Why” is or why you should have one? When I started my very first business, which was an online boutique, I did it just because. I saw how easily it could be done and I just went for it. Not because I love fashion or selling clothing, but because I seen the opportunity to make some quick money. 

So, that’s your why, right? Wrong! The problem is that’s why many other boutique owners and business owners in general are selling clothes also. It doesn’t set you apart. It doesn’t tell me why you are different from the others. It’s not your REAL why. 

Your why is more than just pretty photos and a eye-catching logo. It’s more than making money. Your real why is the force behind your brand and it determines the way in which you communicate with your audience. 


Because you are busy posting, and drumming up business, you might not think its important for you to articulate your why or even take the time to figure it out. Or maybe you think you have a pretty good why but don’t think that its important to articulate it.

Stop everything you’re doing and figure out your why first. It is the single most important thing that you can do for your business. 

Discover My Why

My life moved very fast after graduating high school. At 18 years old I was a college freshman, in a relationship with the love of my life (who happened to be my high school sweet heart), and following my, then, boyfriend around as he pursued his career in music. 

By the age of 20, my husband and I got married and started creating the life that we loved. And, although I was still enrolled in college, I have no idea what I wanted to do. All that I was sure of was that one day I wanted to become a mother and live this life that allowed both my husband and I to follow our dreams, together. 

By the age of 22, we had welcomed our first child and I was still confused about how I was. I tried business after business, and nothing seemed fulfilling. And after attempting to study under 7 majors in college I knew I needed to get focused on me. I stopped everything! Not being a mom and wife of course, but all of the extra stuff had to go. I just needed time to get to know Khala Marande. 

So, I dived into branding FULL TIME, both personally and professionally! And, I feel in love. It allowed me to find myself both personally and professionally and helped me to help properly present myself to the world!

That is my why!


From this realization, I created my company’s vision statement:

To educate, inform, and direct businesses on ways to spread their messages to target audiences through strategic brand building, marketing, content, and merchandising.

That is my soul’s purpose and no matter how I express it (design, content, merchandising, teaching, or anything else) my career will always be an expression of that why. 

What is your why?

Now its your turn. To be true to yourself and to your clients, and to create an authentic brand you must find your own purpose, your own why. 

Think about what you do and the true reason behind your passion. I implore you to express your own why. Write it down. Frame it. Hang it over your desk. And on those hard days when you;re doubting yourself and wondering why you chose this path - ready your why! 

Feel free to use my newest free download! You can download it here.

So, I want to know, what is your Why? Post it and tag me or leave a comment below. If you enjoyed this post I’d be happy if you’d share! Be sure to subscribe to my website for more posts and follow me on social media! 

If you are in need of finding ways to promote your "why" contact me and let me help you take your brand to the next level!

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