Branding: Creating Your Identity

Many times, branding is considered a color palette and logo. But, as we mentioned in my last post it is so much more than that!

Your brand identity is the heart, soul, and spirit of a business in visual form. It is the first impression of your business and pulls in your audience in hopes to create meaningful connections. Don't get me wrong, branding can be complicated. But, to offer some assistance, I would love to break down the basics so that you can get started with your brand!

Branding is so important, and if you know if or not, you have a brand! Think of all of the businesses, big and small, that you come into contact with on a daily basis. You have created a image of this brand in your mind based on your experience. You understand what they stand for, what they represent, and what they offer. And, because of that, you either love them or not so much. So how do you create a brand that your audience will love? Im glad you asked!

Identify your values

When I help my clients to create a brand, I start with an diving deep into what their goals, values, and vision is for their business.

Identifying the core values are so important because you values will guide all your other decisions, such as how you show up, how you market, how you network and everything in between. The sooner you understand what is most important to you, the sooner you can effectively forward that information to everyone else.

Choose simple visuals

One of the best aspects of branding is that your business will look cohesive. Simply put, when your audiences views your website, social media, and over all online presence, your business will look uniform and profession, which in turns builds trust. Here are the most important visual elements of branding.

- LOGO: A logo identifies your business quickly and professionally. However, don't get too stuck on the logo, go for versatility and simplicity. When in doubt, simple is best.

- COLOR PALETTE: Choose colors that will speak to your audience. If you find yourself having issues choosing only a few, start with neutral colors and then go from there.

- PHOTOS: The photos that yo use to represent your business are just as important as having a logo and color palette. The photos you use should make sense for your brand and be eye catching enough to continue your brand story.


Your website is one of the most important aspects of your business because it’s your online hub for where people can find out about you, your business, learn about your services, and hire you.

When you’re starting out, having a website is very important to direct people to your home base, showcase your product, and have a place to collect information from potential clients, such as email addresses.

Give yourself time!

Finally, know that building a brand takes time. This is vital to your success. When you start a business, even if you have everything lined up, it will take time for your audience to get to know you and trust you and become loyal fans.

So be patient and don’t worry if you’re feeling behind or like everyone is moving on faster than you. Take one step forward every single day and you’ll get to where you want to go!

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